Population Health Management

Current Health Solutions is designed for employers who understand that the best way to control health benefit costs is to improve the health status of the group. Employers willing to make this commitment will finally be able to exert some control over oppressive runaway health plan costs. All other tactics such as shifting more costs to employees, changing carriers/networks, and adding consumer directed plans are simply inadequate and short-sighted.

Population management is a continuous process that begins with under-standing the health status of the employer group being managed.

  • What is the demographic make-up?
  • What are their risk factors? Prevalence of disease?
  • What is their compliance with evidenced based medicine standards of care?
  • What are their costs predicted to be?

With this information in hand, a dedicated Care Coordination Nurse will design a customized program for the employer that focuses attention on the most promising opportunities:

  • Work with members identified as priority risk and high risk
  • Programs to address the most prevalent diseases within the group
  • Reduce more significant gaps in care
  • Closely manage members predicted to incur significant claim costs

The process is grounded in sophisticated clinical information systems and is proactive compared to the reactive nature of traditional medical management programs, which only manages individuals after a costly encounter. The process is also integrated with the local participating provider community through shared electronic medical records and coordinated referrals.

Population Management will move members from high risk categories to low risk, reducing their utilization and cost of medical services and improving their quality of life in the process.

The Current Health Solutions Population Health Management Program may also include the following services to improve access and maintain the status of those members in good health:

  • Comprehensive Wellness Program – including health risk assessments, biometric screenings, health coaching, online wellness tools, and program administration and reporting.
  • Employer Clinic – Improve access to primary care services with zero cost sharing for the member. The Employer Clinic can treat minor illness such as non-emergency care, wellness care, laboratory, immunizations, and work related injuries.